Melissa Borman


Melissa Borman is a Minneapolis-based photographer and installation artist. Her work addresses the interconnected relationship embedded in using landscape elements as metaphors to depict our human stories and how these depictions shape our ideas of our surroundings. Melissa has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including Regional Cultural Center, Co. Donegal, Ireland, Galería Valid Foto BCN, Barcelona, Spain, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA, Filter Space, Chicago, IL, and Griffin Museum, Boston, MA. Melissa is a member of Minnesota’s longest-running collective art gallery, Rosalux. She is a recipient of the Minnesota State Arts Board, Artist Initiative and Creative Support Grants, Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Grant, and Rochester Art Center’s Jerome Emerging Artist Award. Melissa’s self-published artist book, "A Piece of Dust in the Great Sea of Matter" launched in September 2019. Her booklet "Birds", a collaboration with writer Andy Sturdevant and designer Justin D. Allen, is in the Rosemary Furtak Artist Book Collection at the Walker Art Center.

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