Mia Tianqi Song


My work base on my memory and situation. Life is a trip for illusory. Wait for the lost time. I just found out that emptiness and loneliness is the true significance of life. I show my sense of alienation and loneliness in my work. In photography, things could not be changed into another thing, time, chance, or real stuff. I can say, photography is physical chemistry for reality. But to photographers, are opposites. It is more connect to emotion, photos are just like lonely fragments,to prove everything has been lost. The image in photos are lifeless, but people’s intention, memory make these image alive. Sometimes, we use our imagination to get some image, they are much more clear than what we see in the real world. We feel we use our eyes to watch, but actually we use our experience and imagination to watch. Foundation determines the situation. Maybe we have a standard way to talk about photography and art. But we don’t have a standard way to talk about emotion and feelings. When images in life are more and more impactful on people, and even play a leading role, we have to express some emotion through images, or we have to hide them in the bottom of our hearts; additionally we can review the truth, because the image is more like our emotions. It plays an important role

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