Michael Almiroudis


Michael Almiroudis is a Greek visual artist & photographer born in 1995. He is a graduate in BA Photography of Middlesex University through AKTO college. Believes that every picture has "materialistic stratifications" related to cultural conventions. He is an advocate of non-representation and interpretive indeterminacy of the world... Some of photos have puplised online for MoMA San Francisco | Ello Photography | Phases Magazine | Whitelight Editions | Eyescape Magazine | Street view photography | Kiosk Der Demokratie |24 Hour project | Recent photo exhibitions : Benaki Museum: Athens Photo Festival 2017 - Thematic category: "City of errors" (14/6/17 - 30/7/17) Float Gallery: Found & Lost (16/6/17 - 19/6/17) Void Gallery: “Nature of indeterminacy” (29/5/17 - 30/5/17)

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