Michael Kruger


Born to a German mother in Berlin Germany 1964. Father unknown. Mother remarries a UK citizen 1970. Move to UK. Leaves school 1979 aged 15 with next to no qualifications. 1980 - 86 Return to Berlin at 16 to care for grandparents. 1983 meets future life partner AR whilst sweeping hotel floor. 1986 return to UK, lives in a squat long term. Signs up to virtually free evening art classes in London. Works in the black market economy to pursue art interests. 1988-92 BA Fine Art Sculpture 1996 AR diagnosed with terminal Cancer 1999-2000 MA Photography 2000 Marriage to AR, Irish College Rome. Italy 2004 British Acedemy scholarship to Rome. (All work produced in Rome purchased by 2 Italian art collectors) 2004 AR receives Phd 2005 UK studio exhibition of Rome works (to zero interest) 2006 Full time work for commercial art gallery. Continues privately with photography in spare time. 2010 AR dies. 2010-20 Total loss of direction/focus on salaried work. Continues with photographic work part-time. 2020 Revisits photographic archive. 2020 Scans unprinted photographic work.

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