Miisha Nash


Born in Sarasota, Florida to migrants from Jamaica and I grew up in Los Angeles. From an early age, my family moved annually. As a result, I learned to be flexible and adapt quickly to new surroundings. And I believe this constant change has informed me artistically. In my twenties, I moved to New York and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Photography at Hunter College. From living all over the states and aboard both in Italy and the U.K, I feel a keen awareness to emigrant cultures and people living in transitional flux as I empathize with persons living outside of their native environment. From this perspective, I create work that is sensitive to human nature and emotions, leaning towards narrative portraiture as a medium to tell these stories. In my photographic themes, my focus ranges from migrant issues, animal rights to sub-cultures within urban settings.Currently, I am based in Washington D.C. My work has been published in print and online, and has been exhibited in Europe and the States.

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