Milan Gies


Milan Gies works as a photographer and also as a teacher at in his own academy, Studio 307. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Before Milan graduated from the Photo Academy in 2009, he was a professional equestrian for many years and followed an education in theater. The work of Milan Gies mainly consists of portrait studies and sculptural studies. He is fascinated by "the narrative body", the way in which experiences, pain and complexity leave their mark. He often works with his subjects for a longer period of time, as a result of which he builds up a relationship of trust and is allowed to come closer, physically and psychologically. There is always an autobiographical element in his work; his own experiences with human vulnerability are symbolically reflected in the falling movements and postures that characterize many of his portraits. In his choice of subject, he also has a preference for people who for whatever reason cannot come along well in our performance society or feel outsiders.

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