Artist statement We pretend to be big but are only tiny particles within an infinite number of possibilities. Everything is one fluid whole, but man collides, scrapes and slogs. Visualising parallel universes puts the harshness of everyday life into perspective. I create an alternative reality to prove that this is ‘the truth’. Biography Mariëlle Gebben (1979) is a visual artist from the Netherlands. She holds a master's degree in Art and Art Management from the University of Groningen and graduated in May 2017 with honours from the Fotoacademie Amsterdam. The infinite is what intrigues her and she feels close to adventurers, authors of fiction and scientists. Exploring worlds, questioning real life and creating stories is what drives her. In her studio and exhibitions she uses paper, water, ink, paint, light and all kinds of materials to explore the boundaries between imagination and reality. Her conviction is that the more we know, the less we understand. Quote Sometimes it is as if we are witnessing the birth of a planet. Eric Bos, Dagblad van het Noorden. ​

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