Nadine Milzner


Nadine Milzner is a Berlin based dancer and performer working with international artists such as Jeremy Shaw, Omer Fast and Carlotta Ikeda since more then 20 years. Alongside her performance work she works with analogue self portraiture and landscape photography. 2019 Nadine Milzner won 2nd Prize in the Art North Photography Competition with her landscape photograph "Before Vanishing“ taken in Iceland. 2020 the Art North Magazine presented her online exhibition "Vast" consisting of two series, the photographs "Before Vanishing" from the glacier lake Jökulsárlón and the polaroids from the Westfjords "Nes". The photo "holding" from the series "finding support" was shortlisted for the "International Photography Exhibition 163" by the Royal Photographic Society in 2021. Ian McKay published his essay "Nadine Milzner and the Essence of Connection" about the series "finding support" in the Blog and print issue ArtNorth Magazine No. 9/2021. She has been selected for first print issue of Discarded XXX coming up this year. My work’s motifs move in the tension between presence and absence, the visible and invisible, the physical as well as metaphysical. A visualisation of things that one feels rather than sees. In my self portraits the body is central and the starting point is it's movement and relation to itself and surroundings. I am interested in shapes, pathways and traces of the physical and energetic body.

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