Nayara Schneider


I was born and raised in Brazil. When I was 18 years old, I left my homecountry with the aim to find myself. I was lost and didn’t know what to do with my life. Therefore, I decided to go to Ireland to learn English, travel and have new experiences. In the meantime I also traveled to Germany to visit my family since my father is German. The trip was a-ha moment in my life, when I realised that I couldn’t communicate with my own relatives. I have postponed my return to Brazil and went to Munich to learn German. After all, I ended up staying in Munich. In the last few years in Germany I have had several types of work, I have already worked in cafes, restaurants, delivering food by bicycle, until photography found me, even without having experience, never having touched a professional camera, I got a job as an event photographer. It wasn’t my dream job, but it was enough to know that photography was my passion, for that reason I decided to study photodesigner, which helped me to find my own style in photography. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge to be on my own, far from my home country. Discovering photography was a way of rescuing myself. It gives me meaning, something I can hold on to. As long as I have photography I will never be alone.

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