Neil Berkowitz


Neil Berkowitz is an emerging visual artist in Seattle, Washington. His passion for making art, and with photography in particular, began almost 60 years ago in the closet of an old school. In the summer after 6th grade a science enrichment program used photography to demonstrate the nature of chemical reactions. He was hooked. Later he studied photography as a dual major at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, with later studio arts coursework at the New School and other institutions. He followed his arts training with several years as a professional photographer specializing in fashion and portraiture. Neil began his current artistic practice in 2014 and spent the first three years bringing his digital photographic skills up to the level of expertise that he had had with film. A month long Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts residency in April, 2018, gave him the opportunity to look at new ways to widen his artistic vision and led to a continuing flux in his arts practice. 2019 was a breakout year for Neil, with 46 works included in two solo shows, a group show with two other photographers, four juried shows, four publications, and a purchase by a large municipal collection. Soon after that residency he began dividing his time between photography and printmaking and has recently begun incorporating additional media. He looks forward to returning as active volunteer in the digital media lab at Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle once the pandemic permits.

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