Neoza Goffin


I am a Belgian master student in photography at KASK Ghent. I graduate in June 2021. My first big project was my final work in high school which handled about feminism. My giant collage made from 96 pictures of women's breasts won a price given by the Academy for visual arts in Aalst. The collage was also bought by the breast clinic in OLVZ Aalst. The project The Rise of a Peculiar Flower with Wicked Roots tells the story about me exploring myself during a sabbatical year. In that year I experimented with persistence in various fields such as sexuality and caressed my boundaries with premeditation. In the projects StarSeeds and Ein Psychedelischer Fetisch I explored staged photography for the first time and discovered that this is the type of art I want to continue with. I am currently working on my master project StarSeeds came down to bring Unalome.

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