Netra Nei


I live in Seattle and am a freelance graphic designer. Photography is my creative playground and an endless source of inspiration. I’m self-taught and use medium format film. My photography is an exercise in looking, seeing, and feeling. It’s an adventure and a treasure hunt and what I find is dependent on my ever-changing mood. I wander through suburban neighborhoods where I find familiarity (as I grew up in a suburb) yet, it’s very foreign—having spent my adult life in the city. These opposites awaken an inner-sensitivity and I find the most mundane scenes to be photogenic and poignant in their ordinariness. I also look at a lot of photos. My appreciation has evolved through international connections on social media and through collecting photos for curated groups on Flickr. At the moment, I am producing my first photography show. I’ve learned that viewing photos is as much an art as making photos and am excited to have this new venture as part of my portfolio.

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