Noémi Szécsi


I studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and this work is my latest. The description of it you can read here: My relationship with death is about acceptance;in recent years I find the subject more intriguing and mystical. It can be sad or mysterious at the same time. In a book I read the following statement:"death gives meaning to life" this summarizes, briefly, what I feel about the concept of death. Death gives motivation; the fear of total vanquishment forces people to fulfill their desires. I think there is no greater stimulating force. Since I aways find death a rich subject matter, I visited the only crematorium in Budapest. During my first visit I became aware of was a sweet smell in the air, that I later learned was concomitant to the furnace firing. The other thing that really caught my attention was the silent objective attitude of those who worked at this facility, who still however treated the dead with respect. This attitude I wanted to represent on my images.My encounter with prostheses started a whole new divergent path. I found them interesting because they remained the only coherent material evidence of a deceased body and its existence. When I designed these later prosthesis images, my intention was to use a more hands on creative route, not just to act as an observer and frame the dead’s prostheses natural fate, I wanted to reenvision them in specific situations using particular further materials to emphasize their now non functional state.

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