Oluwakayomide Tejuoso


Plantation is a Nigerian photographer, video artist, and performance artist based in Saint Nazaire, France. Her work is centered on how to create and maintain methodologies focused on developing vulnerable and invasive imagery. These methodologies include rituals and trances that allow the most violent and absurd of her thoughts to be turned into visual pieces; in these pieces you would often find her the main subject, communicating through her body and surroundings, the layers of black experience, spirituality, and suffering. Referencing the works of Phyliss Galembo and Pieter Hugo, her photographs and performance pieces use absurd elements and props to symbolise her reflections as a black woman, and critique anti-blackness. Plantation was selected for Foam Talent 2021, and was published in the fifteenth edition of Foam Magazine Talent. In the year 2019, she was a finalist in the Lagos Photo Festival Portfolio Review Award. And in 2020, she was selected for the Rele Foundation Young Contemporaries bootcamp.

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