Peter Hauser


Peter Hauser, born 1981 in Glarus (Switzerland), attended Lucerne Art School (HGKL), the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in The Hague (NL) and the Zurich School for the Arts (ZHdK) from where he graduated in 2010. His body of work mainly centers around the medium of photography, which, for him, represents a field where he can experiment, discover and shape the intangible to create a visual storyline. The role as a photographer leads him to places away from the known. The examination of the unknown, searching and finding, to illuminate and to extract the essence of places, non-places, landscapes, vegetations, objects, surfaces and forms is what drives him. The reduction of the found and the development of narratives in the simple form are a constant in his work. The analog principle of operation along with the final image, aims to achieve both chemical and physical synthesis within the medium itself. He still is running his own analog darkroom where he dedicates his time to handmade printing and experimenting with the processes of analog photography. In 2007 he founded Püré Bildmagazin, a self published fanzine in which he finds a platform to publish his projects Beside various exhibitions in his home country and abroad, he was nominated for the “Swiss Federal Design Awards“ twice (2012 & 2016). His first monograph “Hello, I am not from here“ (2016) was awarded „The most beautiful Swiss books 2016“. He is currently living in Zurich, Switzerland.

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