PUTPUT is a Swiss/Danish artist group established in 2011 and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Seeking to occupy the space between input and output PUTPUT work's in the field of contemporary art photography, sculpture, installation and publishing. PUTPUT explores the duality of objects and situations associated with everyday life, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary and capturing the previously unseen. Perception and recognizability are challenged through distinctly staged scenarios and tableaus that underline a metaphysical relationship to the material world. The highly stylized visual universe has clear references to Pop Art, surrealism and reinterprets classical genres such as still life through a contemporary lens. With a focus on causing a visual double take, subtle connections are build between idea, meaning, expression and artifact. PUTPUT reconfigures, re-invents and questions the purpose, context and expression of objects and situations by engaging in a visual dialogue and interrogation with the subject.

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