RAKE Collective


RAKE is a visual research collective founded in December 2019. Members use open-source data to collaboratively investigate a variety of unseen and obscured elements in society, business and politics. Applying evolving investigation techniques to documentary practise, RAKE pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and develops the interface between art, politics and technology. The collective consists of Nancy Hurman, Flora Thomas, Vera Zurbr├╝gg and Nuno Guerreiro de Sousa, who met whilst pursuing an MA in Documentary Photography at London College of Communication. They are all multimedia artists, whose collaborative practise is strongly informed by their varied backgrounds; spanning the fields of physics, technology, activism and curation. RAKE held their official launch exhibition at AMP Gallery in February, showing a work in progress of their first collaborative project. In May, they instigated RAKE Community, a programme for artists and researchers to facilitate collaborative investigations, culminating in a virtual exhibition and events programme. RAKE was selected to exhibit at Photo Fringe's Collectives Hubs exhibition in October 2020. Individually, members have exhibited in both solo and group shows in London, Birmingham, Basel, Chisinau and Lisbon.

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