Ralph Whitehead


Ralph Whitehead is an art and fashion photographer based in London. He was born and raised in Italy but moved to the UK when he was 17, his background is in physics and mathematics but photography was always a lifelong interest he is now full time dedicated to photography. He brings over a penchant for experimentation from his science background into the darkroom. He has worked on a number of ad hoc analogue processes in service of the atmosphere he renders in his images. His fashion editorials have a cinematic quality and explore themes of duality, inner struggle and transience and are to be thought of as short stories in their own right. His approach and atmosphere nods to surrealism whilst walking on a tightrope between suspense and stillness. Working almost exclusively on a 8x10 large format view camera, a somewhat counterintuitive medium for fashion photography, makes it so that every image is planned and constructed with committed intent. Ralph’s work has featured in many international art and fashion magazines including AnOther, Love, Beauty Papers, Pan and the Dream and has exhibited his work most recently in curated art fair Cluster - Print and Photography.

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