Raquel Gandra


The artist-photographer Raquel Gandra graduated in Audiovisual at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, followed by a Master in Fine Arts - Interdisciplinary Poetics, also in UFRJ, Brazil. Recently, she finished another Master in Artistic and Documental Photography at IPCI, Porto, Portugal. Throughout the years she has been developing her gaze and practice, trying to convey notions of intimacy, affection, and empathy, but also chaos and contradiction in her image creation process. Some of her main themes revolve around the human body, our interaction with nature, masculinity, and femininity. Her work doesn't restrain to one medium or one format, whether it be video or photography, film or digital, document or fiction. From the early start, her projects and interests showed a detour from the classical narrative, leading her to understand the image-making device as an affluent place for learning and thinking, exploring language, and questioning the way we look at reality itself. Much more inclined towards expressive images than mimetic ones, she is continuing to explore her previous and recent researches combining minimalism and affection, imprints left at surfaces and poetic approaches. As well as the materialization of visible or intangible gaps.

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