Roxana Savin


Born in Iasi, Romania, Roxana Savin is a photographic artist investigating socio-political issues, with a focus on the status of women in contemporary society. After working in the legal field, Roxana Savin spend time to raise her children as a stay at home mother. This experience informed her interest in gender equality and how photography can act as an agent for social change. She works on long term projects Roxana lived in different countries for more than 15 years. Her artistic practice is linked to her redefining her identity, which is simultaneously intertwined with her past as much as shaped by the present. Roxana studied photography at Fine Art School of Photography Moscow (2016-2018) and was awarded a MA Photography with Distinction by Falmouth University UK (2018-2020). She was selected as one of GUP 100 Talents (published in Fresh Eyes 2021). Her work was exhibited in Switzerland, France, Romania and Russia and published internationally. Her project ‘I’ll be late tonight’ was nominated among Best projects of 2020 by Phmuseum. The photobook was awarded Silver Winner by PX3 Paris, Honorable Mention by Encontros Da Imagem Book Award and was shortlisted at Untitled Dummy Awards Russia 2020. Mother of two sons, Savin is currently living in Geneva, Switzerland.

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