S.C. Weiss


S.C. Weiss – writer, director, producer – was born near Hamburg, Germany to a family of barbers and bartenders. After graduating from Indiana University, USA with two Bachelor of Arts degrees, he went on to graduate school. In 1993, Mr. Weiss left Texas with a Masters of Fine Arts in directing and playwriting from the University of Houston where his mentors were Edward Albee and Robert Wilson. After twelve years in international journalism and six years as a television producer for the global charity World Vision, he began to pursue a new career as a full-time photographer, writer and director. His imaginative documentary film »At The Mind’s Limit’s«, which he shot in Uganda, premiered in 2013; »The Best Is Still To Come«, a portrait of three young Rwandese twenty years after the genocide, Weiss made in 2014; he is currently editing his Congo film »Slightly Out Of Focus«, a dreamlike journey narrated with the poetry of Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

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