Samar Zaoui


I am Samar Zaoui, 24 years old, born in Tunisia on September 9, 1998. I was born in Tunisia, specifically in southern Tunisia, on the border with Libya. I arrived in Italy at the age of 3 months, my childhood and adolescence was spent in Modena, between the streets of the parks with my bicycle and the streets of the center between a demonstration and a procession. I love precision but also chaos, the unspoken, and research. I have a bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies, philosophy and history course, with a thesis on Mossad, its influence on Israeli society and international public opinion. I am currently conducting my master's degree in Art History and Criticism at Università della Statale di Milano. I deeply love culture, research and its documentation: the ways, methods and motivations of a document, story or testimony. Witnessing with gestures, writings, photography and action. Photography represents the bridge of a personal narrative and present documentation. I have been an assistant inside the Cesura Photography Collective for two years, founded in 2008 thanks to the art direction of photographer Alex Majoli.

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