Samira Kafala


Samira Kafala D.O.B. 23.10.69 Lives & Works in Amsterdam +31(0)641873786 ‘At the heart of my work is a desire to explore the interconnectedness of all living things.’ Photographer Samira Kafala works intuitively, actively seeking opportunities to ‘enter into contact’ with her environment or subjects. The analogue photographic process (by necessity slow and considered) offers the ideal mechanism for experiencing this ‘contact’ and simultaneously presents the chance to collect photographic evidence of it. Her work is a tentative enquiry into the notion that these encounters operate as an exchange. That this ‘contact’ is in some way reciprocal, as if the world is collaborating with us in it’s desire to be revealed. ‘When photographing the mind empties of individual thoughts and is instead filled with a feeling of absolute connection, this strikes me as a particularly feminine state. The shapes and patterns of life become familiar on a fundamental level and act as a reminder that we are part of everything and everything is part of us. In this liminal space the borders between things completely disappear and a connection or exchange takes place.’ Samira is based in Amsterdam and holds a BA from Bath College of Art and an MFA from Chelsea School of Art.

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