Santolo Felaco


Santolo Felaco was born in Naples in 1984. He graduated in Computer Science. He works as a freelance photographer with a focus on social themes and he works as IT consultant. He attended advanced reportage with Fausto Podavini and a master about modern language of documentary photography with Massimo Mastrorillo. He attended workshops with Ricardo Cases, Max Pinckers, Federico Clavarino and Antonio Xoubanova. In 2016 he found L.I.S.A. collective with Gian Marco Sanna and Dario Li Gioi. In 2017 he published the fanzine “918”. In 2018 he published with Gian Marco Sanna the fanzine “But I love you”. In 2018 with Urbanautica Institute published the book “Caput Mundi”. He published in some international magazines like Der Greif, Zeit Magazine online, GUP Magazine, Phases Magazine, F-Stop Magazine, Das Magazin, Gente di Fotografia, Youthies, etc.

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