Shabana Zahir


Shabana Zahir was born in 1998 in Baghlan, northern Afghanistan, her father abandoned her when she was little and she grew up with her maternal grandmother to whom she is very attached, but whom she has not seen for 4 years. At the age of 16 with her mother, her brother and her younger sister, they decide to leave Afghanistan to escape the war. Shabana in Farsi means "Belonging to the night" and it is at night that their journey begins. A journey of several months, exhausting, crossing borders made of flat wire and mountains, living in the forests so as not to be found by the police, the regime, carrying everything they own on their shoulders, crossing all of Afghanistan and Iran to Turkey. , I stay there for almost two years where Shabana gets a job as a waitress in a small restaurant where she learns Turkish, a language she loves. Determined to reach Europe, they are joined by her elder sister, Parvana, who was sent to study in India. Paying € 100 each I get on an old boat that originally transported fish and now traffics in human lives, they arrive in Greece, where they try several times to cross the borders and take the Balkan route, but never succeed. Thus they end up in the refugee camp of Diavata, in Thessaloniki, where they have been living for two years now, waiting to have the documents to go to Germany. "They have stolen the best years of my life." From October 2020 Shabana Zahir start the photography made to the NGO "Una mano per un Sorriso"

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