Shelli Weiler


Shelli Weiler is a B.A. candidate at Wesleyan University from the suburbs of New York City. She studies and practices photography, primarily making portraits that deal with the medium’s propensity to actualize personal fantasy while simultaneously inhibiting such fulfillment. She focuses on the ways people perform for the intermediary camera, becoming who they are not for and through the apparatus. Shelli places questions of gender, authenticity, and fraud at the forefront of her work by picturing how people desire to be seen by others, and documenting the means by which they both relinquish and take control over their self-image. Shelli has worked as a digital arts teaching assistant and studio assistant at Wesleyan University throughout her undergraduate career, working closely with artists Sasha Rudensky and Angela Strassheim. Her work has been exhibited in multiple solo and group shows throughout the northeast, and has been published in several Connecticut and Los Angeles-based magazines.

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