Shlomit Schatzmayr


Shlomit Schatzmayr is a Visual Artist, born in Israel, based in Vienna, Austria. Author of the book DreamLand (Monochrom publishing). She is combining her knowledge and experience in different disciplines, from photography, make up and fashion design, to body art, dance, theatre and writing, following her passion for paint and colour and her never ending journey for understanding beauty- how we conceive it and what is behind it. In her work, she creates her own fantasy worlds, which transcend endless verity of emotions, fears and dreams. As a Multimedia Artist, Shlomit is using many different tools to bring her visions to life through imagery, video footage and performance art. Shlomit Schatzmayr is an internationally known artist, whose work has been presented and exhibited around the world. Her work was also published in countless magazines and books.

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