Siavash Khaef


Siavash Khaef (1981, Iran) is an author, critic and photographer based in Tehran. After graduation in literature and film-making, he started to make visual experiences as a cinematographer for experimental films. He also writes on cinema and photography in domestic magazines and is the editor of Zamineh online magazine with a focus on fine arts. Now as a fine art photographer, his main concern is to make experience of the crystallization of a generative absence in relation to reality. Trying to capture human waves and vibes through a series of mostly landscape images, while eliminating and encountering signs and traces, he has tried to move towards framing something that is not entirely present. It is an attempt to find something within something else. Actually he considers some questions as a motivation for his permanent act of photography: How can places be emptied of their connotations and how can we make them appear as abstract forms? Also as interested in Andre Bazin's statements about photography being the first of the arts to derive an advantage from man's absence, this has always been the question that how does photography transpose human presence to an implicit level?Some of his photographs are published in magazines such as: Filmkhaneh quarterly, khanesh and Memar(The Architect -Iranian Bimonthly on Architecture and Urban design).

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