Simon Murphy


Simon Murphy's career has enabled him to travel extensively shooting human interest stories in countries such as Bangladesh, The Democratic republic of Congo, Rwanda and Cambodia. His portraiture subjects range from individuals such as the Dalai Lama to musicians and actors including Noel Gallagher, Bobby Gillespie and John Hurt. Simon won the Scottish Portrait Award (Richard coward award in photography) in 2019 And was a winner of the Portrait of Britain Award in 2019 and 2020. He has been published extensively including “Portrait of humanity 2020” and in the British journal of Photography. Simon’s most recent project “Govanhill” aims to capture a portrait of the area of Glasgow where he spent much of his time growing up. “The project is about community and diversity. Govanhill is not without it’s problems but it’s also a place where people come together and share culture and experience. It’s an exciting place that I love and where I have many connections” "My images have always been about celebrating diversity and seeing beauty in our differences. Sometimes it's important to ask yourself difficult questions and Photography has the power to trigger thoughts in people's minds that can plant the seeds for change" Video about Govanhill project:

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