Simisola Babalola is a 17 year old Nigerian who is a mogul at what she does "photography". She is a Visual Storyteller | Conceptual Self Taught Photographer. Simisola has been into photography for about three - fours years with pure passion & a strong love for art. She's also known on social media as "Simzsco" which is an official brand name. Over the years Simisola has experienced rapid growth as she has exhibited both local & internationally. Her current projects "Proficient & A Forsaken Transcendence" was a success according to the feedback & support she got. The projects clearly reflected moments that appreciate the Nigerian culture & the lives of people living around. Simisola is not centered on just one particular aspect of photography but rather she is involved in different aspects. Simi explains photography as something very powerful that shouldn't be taken for granted, lastly she says "Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

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