Sjoerd Knibbeler


Sjoerd Knibbeler’s (1981, NL) practice revolves around the laws of physics and science: The basic laws of nature that govern our world as well as photography. In his experimental and performative approach towards the photographic image, he explores the scientific quest (or dream) to discover the world. Knibbeler's work can be explained as an attempt to bridge the gap between experience and knowledge, which seems to increase the more we ‘progress’. Putting himself in the position of the scientist or engineer, with the knowledge of a layman, allows him to approach his image making with what some people call the wisdom of ignorance. Wonder, curiosity and play characterize his artistic process and have led him to pursue the quest of photographing the wind. His latest pursuit is to photograph outer space. The new Lunacy series deals with the fundamental human desire for exploration, manifested in Moon voyages. His work has been shown in solo exhibitions at Foam Museum, Espace Quai1, Contact Festival and Villa Noailles. Notable group exhibitions include Quickscan NL#02, Dutch Photo Museum and the Paris Photo / Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards in 2015, which included his shortlisted artist book Paper Planes. In 2015, he won the Grand Prix du Jury Photographie at the 30th International Festival in Hyères, was selected as Foam Talent. Sjoerd Knibbeler is a member of the international photography collective Piece of Cake.

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