Sofia Uslenghi


Born in 1985 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. She works on photography research since fifteen years, specially on selfportraits. The representation of your own image is the result of a long and complex process which passes through a phase where the photographers's look are not immediately recognizable or immediately suggested as her own, before getting to the complete and declared selfrepresentation. The subject wants to be present and subtract itself from its own meaning, at the same time. However, for its basic referential property, it manages to build not only what it states but what it denies, as well. The search for satisfaction under the impulse of the principle of pleasure is marked by a process of disintegration, movement, overlapping, deformation, union of contraries, denial and objective reality. In the trespassed order of the representation it is not the unconscious of the self that makes itself visible, but the dynamics of desire which want to make it understood.

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