Sole González


Sole González (Lorca, 1989) is a documentary and fine art photographer based in Murcia, Spain. She studied Audiovisual Image (2009-2011) and Artistic Photography (2011-2012). González work has been featured in various online publications including British Journal of Photography, several Der Greif "Guest-Room", Zeit Magazin and Float Magazine. Her photos are closely related to her personal life. Much of them tells the story of what she lives and her surroundings. She has great interest in portraying people and lifestyles outside the society with which she is usually involved in a personal way. She is also interested in documenting society, traditions and events, and daily life, especially if there is any trace of decadence or particularity, and always taking them to her field, trying to convey the sensations and the atmosphere than the fact itself, always under a satirical, “ugly-worshipping” and subjective point of view, and always looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. Currently, most of her work is carried out under the same context, the things that happen in her hometown and its community.

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