Stacy Wang


Yuxi (Stacy) Wang was born in Changsha, Hunan, China in 1999. Currently studying sociology at the Free University of Berlin. Through Yuxi‘s works, people can see her pursuit of collision of picture elements. In her documentary works, she uses subtle things as subjects, shooting them in a way that is not in line with everyday viewing habits, while in her collage works, she often places natural and man-made landscapes in the same frame to create a ”conflicting“ image narrative. She combines reality and imagination to create a parallel world that allows the viewer to escape from the present moment and enjoy the beauty she brings to life: she constructs moments that lie between established facts and the utterly ideal world, growing a fairy-tale-like possibility in the gap between fictions. We cannot capture every moment that can be felt as wonderful, so creating a time that lasts slightly longer than the moment may prolong the beauty of imagination and the fullness of expectation. Stacy Wang has participated in the following exhibitions; 2022 "Picnic Under The Sun" Photography Solo Exhibition, Arbre Art Centre, Shenzhen, China 2022 "Lasting Longer Than an Instant" Photography Solo Exhibition, One Space, Changsha, China 2022 "Garden Tour" Group Exhibition, Arbre Art Centre, Shenzhen, China 2021 "A Myriad of Rooms" Three Cities Tour Exhibition, Shanghai, CMYK Space; Chengdu, Near Future Art Museum Hostel; Beijing, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre 2020 abC Art Book Fair, Beijing, China 2020 Shy-shy Art Festival, Changsha, China 2020 "Wonder Foto Day" Photography Exhibition, Taiwan 2019 "Return" Group Exhibition, Arbre Art Centre, Shenzhen, China 2019 2nd Nikon Cup National Youth Photography Exhibition, Beijing, China.

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