Stephanie Ballantine


Stephanie Ballantine has exhibited all over the world in solo and group exhibitions including:  Eigenart-Lab Berlin, Aether, Sofia, Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Space Gallery, Puerto Rico, Pantocrátor Gallery Shanghai, NGBK Berlin; ’Crashpad’ KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK. Published & Featured Photographs including: Kaltklut, Apollo Magazine, Blok Magazine, die Zeit, Missy Magazine, Lolamag, Snax, Wire Magazine... After detaching from the theatre and acting practice she was committed to throughout her childhood, Stephanie Ballantine studied Politics and Philosophy at University of Sheffield, UK. Upon finishing the degree she began and completed a foundation degree in Photography at Leeds College of Art and Design. Since her move to Berlin, Germany in 2010 she has explored various collaborations with performance artists, queer communities and activist groups as well as attending acting and movement training programmes. Her fields of interest include: Commoditised sexuality, biopolitics, political control,’The Gaze’, ‘The Big Other’ and its entanglements... She uses expressions of hybridity, ‘anti-curation’, collaboration, queerness, intersectionality…

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