Studio Likeness


Studio Likeness is a multidisciplinary creative duo. Julia Classen & Magdalena Lepka are visual artists with backgrounds in photography, design and crafts. Since 2013 they have been working on narrative visual stories that cross the boundaries between photography and illustration. It´s their aim to bring objects to life and reveal the beauty that lies within the profane. Everyday objects are treated with curiosity and appreciation, equalizing every thing not by its material value but its visual qualities and the emotion it can provoke in us. Their experimental approach to still life photography embodies photography´s power to be a sculptural medium through being tied to a two dimensional surface. While using photographic tools their work method can be described as „painting with objects“. Their material is three dimensional before it is transformed and captured within the two dimensions of an image. They play with this contradiction of dimensions and continuously challenge our perception. Essential to their work is the conceptual process in the studio where each project starts with the story that wants to be told, be it for a commissioned or an independent artistic work.

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