Tais Sirote


Tais Sirote, also known as Taisido is a London based photographer specialised in still life and product photography. She is born in Argentina although she grows up in Tenerife, Canary Islands which shape her eye into photography. Her style has always shown good attention to colour and lighting and always trying new things and ways of creating images. Her pictures sometimes are mistaken for 3D renders and try to trick the eye of the viewer to make people wonder how was taken. Publications Wonderland Magazine, Sindroms, Self Publish be Happy, Screen Shot Magazine, Rakesprogress, Glamour Girl, Ignant, Neverlazy, Comeintoland, Carpaccio Magazine, Raw Magazine,, Errr Magazine, Anormalmag. Clients Harrods, Stella McCartney, Joseph, Jaeger, Swety Betty, MOO Print among others. Her focus on product photography has shown her skills working with jewellery, drinks, ceramics, beauty products and all sorts of objects.

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