Till Cremer


Till Cremer (b. 1975 in Bonn, Germany) is a visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. He concluded his studies of fine-art photography, experimental film and new media art at Braunschweig University of Art. Comprising photography, film, and interactive installation, his work investigates human consciousness and the role of the individual as a part of larger social structures.

His portrait series Berlin Artists (2009–2014)—his most comprehensive body of work to date—depicts more than 500 visual artists. An eponymous book (Kerber, 2015), nominated for the German Photobook Prize 2016, as well as individual photographs from the series have been shown, among others, at Dada Post, Kunstpunkt Berlin, Spor Klübü, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, Athens Photo Festival and in the context of art and photo (book) fairs in Bergen, Berlin, Cologne, Singapore, Teheran, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Paris. Photographs from the series have been published, among others, by art berlin contemporary, Berlinale, Ruhrtriiiennale, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, M-Museum Leuven, Kunstforum International, Lettre International, Monopol, Der Tagesspiegel and Zeit Online. Portraits from Berlin Artists have been acquired by Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Art Collection et al. Upcoming solo show: bautzner69, Dresden, June 2020.

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