Tim Bowditch


Tim Bowditch is a photographer and filmmaker living and working in London. His practice centers around a documentary underpinning with an interest in how people perceive and interact with space and place. These observations are further explored, exaggerated, abstracted and fictionalised through collaborations with other artists, particularly writers and sound recordists. This work has culminated over the years in the form of ambitious three-year community based projects, outdoor poolside screenings, installations, publications and exhibitions. He is also co-founder and co-curator of Night Contact. Night Contact is a new photography and multimedia festival. Supporting and promoting contemporary image making, Night Contact aims to bring together exciting and innovative photographic works that provoke or engage in conversations with other media, such as film, music and literature. The inaugural edition of Night Contact took place across a range of venues in Dalston, East London in September 2013, presenting innovative work from the new frontiers of photography; screening projections across indoor and outdoor spaces, and illuminating the streets of Dalston with still and moving images. The second edition of Night Contact took place across a range of venues in Brighton, UK in October 2014, and formed part of the internationally recognised Brighton Photo Biennial.

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