Tobias Groot


Tobias Groot (1994, Hoorn, The Netherlands), interdisciplinary artist currently based in Berlin, working with CGI,  photography, and artificial intelligence. Tobias is driven by two main interests: the human body and new technologies.  His digital conglomerations contend with artificial intelligence and humans’ fleshy embodied experience. Utilising computational processes such as algorithms and neural networks to create images and stories revolving around themes of physicality, intimacy, transhumanism and authorship.  Combining personal work with the non-human and sometimes unpredictable nature of his machines, Tobias plays with the idea of collaborating with a machine, highlighting its flaws, while trying to get a grip on its inner workings. Having worked for the Dutch National Opera & Ballet and producing work as a Photographer in Residence at the  University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Tobias has exhibited internationally at places like POST in  Arnhem and Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam, Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, and Institut fur Alles Mogliche in Berlin. In 2022 Tobias was awarded the Artist Start fund by the Mondriaan Fund.   Portrait by Nusa Hernavs / @nusawhoknowswho

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