Tommaso Fiscaletti


Tommaso Fiscaletti (1981) was born in Cattolica (RN) Italy, he comes from Pesaro. He lives in Cape Town SA, working with photography and Video. In 2001 he started to create projects between North Africa and Eastern Europe, working constantly in studio as well. Both experiences will be decisive to sketch out his personal approach to the image, moving on the boundary between reality and representation. His works stems from the will of telling the Man about existential subjects, such as family relationships, the memory and the connection with the nature. He works also on projects under the name Leaflood, partnering with Alice Marrollo. On 2013 he decided to move from Milan to Cape Town and this has been a crucial step in his personal poetry for the interweaving of cultures and intense stories as the central elements. Since 2004 his work has been exhibited on publics, privates galleries and institutions (Santa Maria della Scala Museum Siena, National library of South Africa Cape town, Nappe dell'arsenale Venice, Cubo Museum Unipol Bologne, etc..), obtaining several rewards. He taught photography at IED (European institute of Design) in Milan.

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