Torben Geeck


1978, lives and works in Berlin. Torben Geeck graduated in 2014 from the Ostkreuz School of Photography, Berlin, class of Prof. Ute Mahler. There he studied portraiture and reportage photography while also advancing in shooting on the streets. Early on he started to focus on both found and stage still life photography. With a strong interest in interdisciplinary and experimental works, he pushes the boundaries of his photography into a more artistic and strictly formal still life photography in studio settings. Geeck likes the idea of an heterogene body of work bringing together different genres in combining strong single pictures. Which can be seen in high-contrasted pairs or smaller series of photographs. Some keywords might be helpful when scrolling through the collection of these pages: Contrast, strength, contradiction, vulnerability, surface, destruction, sensitivity, darkness, material, complex structures, nature, transcience.

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