Tram Anh Pham


Anh is a highly experienced professional with a Mechanical Engineering degree working in green energy industry. She was born and grew up in Ha Noi, Viet Nam till the age of 19, when she went to Germany for studying. Over the years Anh has built a successful career taking on several leadership roles managing multinational teams in a male dominant technical oriented area. As a full time employee and for the nature of her work (leading a team of male Engineers of different origins), she often needs soul treat and photography has become a crucial part of it. At her work it is often about facing and dealing with ugly human conflicts. Through photography she finds her balance and a perfect escape learning and showing how beautiful life still is after all. Most of her free time she dedicates to honing her self-taught photography skills by working on her private photo projects, focusing on embracement. She has used her life coaching and photography skills to help people build trust in themselves, gain confidence and to encourage them to dare the necessary step to break barriers. She believes that everyone is adorable in their own way and deserves appreciation. Her works have been featured by LensCulture and group-exhibited in Ha Noi, Sydney and soon in New York as part of The Printswap project.

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