Ulrike Hannemann


Ulrike Hannemann was born in 1979 in Wittenberg in the former GDR. She studied photography at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig and graduated in 2013 as Meisterschülerin with Peter Piller. During 2012 and 2017, as a member of the artist-run space Loris she was involved in the organization of exchange projects with international artists and co-curated group exhibitions. She currently lives and works in Berlin and Leipzig, unless she is on the road for a new project in Southeast Asia, where she has already realized several works, including in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Instead of digital effects, Ulrike Hannemann uses analogue techniques by making temporary arrangements from dissected images and collected materials. In the individual pictures she reconstructs the real world of experience and brings it into agreement with her abstract space of thought. Her works have been presented, among others, in the following exhibitions: "Planet B“, BMW Foundation, Berlin (2020), "Boutographies", Montpellier (2019), »Perspektiven – Strategien fotografischen Handelns«, Darmstadt (2018), »Fraud, Fake and Fame«, Berlin (2016).

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