Umut Altintas


He is an independent graphic designer, photographer, artist and academic based in İzmir, Turkey. Focused on typography and making/designing books in editorial and conceptual approaches. Besides, he loves playing with visual elements in order to find “nonsense” graphical interpretations through different mediums. In 2014 he accepted as a participant to Werkplaats Typografie Summer School, which was directed by Armand Mevis, Leonardo Sonnoli, Maureen Mooren and Karel Martens. During his professional and academic career, he made contributions to several exhibitions, workshops, Biennale and Triennale, and personal art/design initiatives. In 2014, he established an independent bookwork initiative KartonKitap, with associate and friend, N. Toros Mutlu. Awarded a price with his book design for Arter | space for art, by GMK, 2016. He was launched his first solo exhibition titled “3273 Pages” at Galeri A, İzmir. After his master thesis (2014) on “The Designer as Author” term, currently working on his proficiency in art thesis on “Book as a Work” along with other everlasting projects.

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