Vasilis Nikolopoulos


During my studies in economics, I came across a little book with photos by Andre Kertesz. I had never before considered that a series of photos could produce something so significant and fascinating. It was this same little book which opened new window for me into the world which, at that time, I was trying to discover through travel, reading, music and love. The next few years, books of photography came to take over more and more space in my library. At the same time, I studied photography on Photographic Circle, on Benaki Museum with Platon Rivelis, who has been a student of Garry Winogrand. The years that followed, I have been joyfully miserable as I have consistently struggled to create a path for myself that may seem more linear the farther you step away. In my leisure time, I have taught myself the technical side of photography, but also educate myself by analyzing articles and images from sites and organizations which I admire. I am currently doing my MA in Documentary Photography at London College of Communication and I recently finished an online workshop with Alec Soth in regards to photographic storytelling. My current work is about North Sea and started the first time I went to Amsterdam in 2018. By that time I found myself visiting the beach again and again, so I started to expand my trips to the coast of UK as well. Stillness and separated objects are my main interest to argue with the famous 'descisive moment'.

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