Victor Staaf


Victor Staaf was born 1985 in Stockholm, Sweden. His interest for photography developed during early teenage years spent documenting his friends while skateboarding. Photography classes in high school confirmed his calling and in 2004 he abandoned school and moved to Berlin to work as an assistant photographer. There he spent 5 years assisting several different photographers, learning the trade until he started his own career as a freelance photographer. Since 2012, he has focused mainly on street photography. Staaf's photographs can be characterised by the search for drama in daily life situations. Through daily walks, he captures candid moments that reflect on social behaviour in communities and in large urban environments. His work is defined by a sense of movement and timing and reflects on an eclectic taste for 19th century painting, 90's skateboard videos and south american literature. Staaf is currently based in Porto, Portugal where he works as a freelance photographer and runs a darkroom space for analog color printing called GREY darkroom.

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