Zoé Aubry


Zoé Aubry is a graduate from ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne in the Visual Communication department, majoring in Photography. She worked in the Parisian publishing house RVBBOOKS as artistic director, photographer and graphic designer and is now studying for a masters degree in contemporary artistic practices at the HEADGeneva School of Art and Design.

In its thinking form, her work is freedom, worry, research, cohesion, connivance, moving from the singular to the universal, juggling between critical, poetic and political dimensions. Based on anthropological investigations, her approach is based on a relationship between societal phenomena and individual experiences.

Recently, Zoé Aubry won several awards including the Swiss Design Award and the Prix de la Relève MBAL.

Her works have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Derby, Dusseldorf, Milano, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Barcelona, Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Lausanne and Fribourg.

Zoé is the co-founder, artist and author of the monthly magazine Kilomètres, a research publication linking curatorial, theoretical and visual approaches. She is also co-organizer, cocurator and President of the Plein Air movies, performing arts and music Festival in Geneva and was the co-founder and President of the association noeme which engages with the dissemination and critical reflection of the contemporary artistic image.

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