Der Greif #11 Variety Show with Jason Fulford

In order to visualize and explore the various ways and intersections between images and text, Der Greif and guest editor Jason Fulford organised a special event related to issue 11: A variety show in 8 acts where the activities are changed every seven minutes. The event originated in Jason Fulford’s editing process. For issue 11, Fulford sourced photographs from parts of our digital archive of past submissions, starting with around 40.000 pictures. His pre-selection for the issue played an important role in the conception of the show and the acts performed. Activities included an interview with images, a “Travel Game”, “JPG Folders”, a live projection of an image editing session, a “One Word Story”, “Color Memory”, and “Death in the Darkroom”, all playful approaches to viewing and perceiving images in a performative context. In collaboration with Jörg Koopmann, artist, photographer and curator at Lothringer13, we invited 5 Munich-based artists to contribute to the variety show.

Participating Artists at Lothringer 13, Munich

Jason Fulford
(Concept & Idea)
Jörg Koopmann
Verena Kathrein
Sima Dehgani
Milen Till
Martin Fengel
Zoltán Jókay

May 30
6.00 pm
Lothringer 13, Munich Performance Website