DER GREIF #9 Remix-Performance at C/O Berlin Bookdays

The current issue N°9 of the photo magazine Der Greif is fresh on the market. But what happens when you remix and reorganize the original material? Does this re-edited edition become only a slightly modified plagiarism or a separate publication despite having the same visual content? Der Greif invites visitors to start things off with the artists of the original edition, participate in the curatorial process and help create an alternative version. Der Greif isn’t merely addressing creative production processes and curatorial filter processes with this performance, but rather also how intensely the reception of photographic images is influenced by their contextualization. The young magazine from Germany makes an entirely new interaction between digital platforms and print magazines possible and deliberately focuses on the partici­patory processes between artists, curators, editors and publishers.

Participating Artists:

Sarah Strassmann (Berlin)
Irina Koscheleva (Berlin)
Sonja Johanna Erb (Berlin)
Moritz Haase (Berlin)

October 1
12.10 am
C/O Berlin Performance Website